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Katie has been a freelance yoga and meditation retreat cook for 10 years, cooking for groups in meditation centers locally and internationally. Her culinary journey began with an exploration of food as medicine through various paradigms including macrobiotic cooking, ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, raw and vegan food then to paleo and animal-based foods taking the best each had to offer. Her food was further influenced by her travels through the villages, kitchens, markets and farms of South East Asia, Nepal, Europe and North America. There is usually a special place or person behind every meal she cooks. She trained and worked in the Dordogne region of France, alongside international retreat chefs where she adopted the French love for food as a way of life, and their delicate balance of flavours. With a background in counselling, psychology and 20 years meditation experience she combines her passion for health, well-being and conscious living to provide unique and delicious meals straight from the heart.


Vegetable Garden-Picking vegetables
Vegetable Picking-Healthy food-carrots and beetroot

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